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02 August 2005 @ 10:14 pm
I'm late with my challenge response!  
I'm late with this, but hopefully it will still count!

The beginning of this year, I was pretty stressed with work and school. I tried to fit in exercise here or there, but it eventually disappeared in February. I had no specific plan at the time, which is probably why I didn't commit. However, compared to now, I have a fabulous program and motivation in line. The BFL (Body for Life) Challenge. I started on July 11, 2005 and my 12 week finish date is the end of September. Just in time for my birthday! I hope to break the plateau of initial losing 20 lbs. and finally reach my goal weight. I will continue with another 12 week challenge after that if I still need to remove more weight. Then I will go into a weight-maintenance or "treading" weight type routine (not as intense).

Currently, I work out 5-6 times a week, alternating with 30 min. of cardio, lower body and upper body weight training on all different days. I have one REST day per week. I also eat balanced meals with proteins and SMART carbs. I have eliminated all junk carbs from my diet. I'm also watching my portions. I try and eat 6 times a day so my body never goes into starvation mode. I exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast in order to burn off stored fat instead of breakfast carbs. Then about an hour after my workout, I eat breakfast, in order to continue the fat burning process. I also set personal goals to accomplish in conjunction with this challenge. Getting unpacked and finding a job. I've already lost a couple pounds and gained a couple with muscle mass. My legs, arms and stomach are firmer after 4 weeks on this program. My size 10's are feeling loose!

I worked out last week 5 times, I believe, even through the dreaded time of the month. I also took walks and tried to stay active when I wanted to crawl back in bed.

Hope this qualifies for last weeks challenge...now where's this weeks? :P
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bikini_dreams on August 4th, 2005 01:03 am (UTC)
Is there a new BFL program, or are you using the one that's been out for a while? I have Bill Phillips' BFL book--I really liked the way the program was set-up. It seemed to work pretty well for me when I initially tried to do the program about 4 years ago.

Obviously, I've found something else that I like at the moment, but I'll occasionally use the cardio program at home on the treadmill.

Sounds like things are going well for you! Keep it up!!! :)
Beckybetterbodybecca on August 4th, 2005 04:13 am (UTC)
Yes! There is a new book! It's called Body-for-Life for Women and it's by Dr. Peeke (www.drpeeke.com?).

It's really great, and sets up the program a bit differently. It also addresses a lot of women issues and women's health. I actually bought her book first and then bought Bills because I wanted to read the original plan and compare. Now I take ideas from both books. It's all about customizing.

I do the cardio plan except for 30 minutes instead of 20. I just add in another interval increase and end it by reaching that 10.