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25 July 2005 @ 08:37 pm
Current Exercise Plan  
This is in response to the first part of this week's challenge. My current fitness "program" looks like this:

Mondays--Spinning class (at 5:45 in the morning)
Tuesdays--Cardio Kickboxing class
Thursdays--Brisk 50-minute walk w/ my son & stroller around the neighborhood
Saturdays--2-3 mile run on the treadmill

As you can see, I'm really into the group fitness classes. The community center is great!!! I like the instructors, and I like the child care providers, too. I was doing a strength training class twice a week, but I've opted to do the cardio kickboxing one of those days, and my brisk walk is the other day because of time and scheduling (we go to Rob's work for lunch). I'll probably be keeping this schedule through the end of August. Come September, the class schedule is going to change, and so will my workout schedule.

Hope everyone is having a great week....even if it is only Monday! :)