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19 July 2005 @ 05:12 pm
Hey girls!  
Thought I'd join as well, because I really need some support. I have been out of shape in the last 8 months - study, moving, but most of all laziness. I am 32, 5'9, current weight is 181 lb. I have been doing juice fasting for 4 years now having acquired my 30-days programme from the Fasting Centre in the US. It seems the only diet that works for me, at least it gives me that necessary kick to get back in shape. Anywho, I started my 30 days' programme yesterday and my goal is 165 lb by 17 August. About my excercise - until now I did wind-surfing, water skiing, power walking (but not regularly) and salsa dancing once a week. From this week I plan to make my power walking more regular and to add to all of the above excercises with dumbbells/latina dancing/tai-bo in the morning, tennis once a week and cycling. Uph! Hope to become a regular member of this community as well. Good luck to all of you.
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Зефир в шоколадеveryfairytale on July 25th, 2005 08:26 am (UTC)
thank you for your message
Well, I would not force anyone to do the same as me. Juice fasting is designed for detoxication rather than a weight loss which is just a side effect (highly welcomed in my case). I would not dream to rely only on juice fasting to keep my weight off. As I said before, it just gives me a kick to get back to healthy lifestyle. If I do it 2-3 times a year I manage to eat healthily in-between the fasting sessions. In the last 8 months I, unfortunately, let myself go and did a lot of unhealthy eating (in terms of size rather than quality) with not much exercise to shake these excess calories off.
Now to report - so far I am doing fine, apart from fasting last week I did my Salsa class on Monday, went for a very brisk walk (4 miles in an hour) on Tuesday, played 2 hours of tennis on Wednesday, walked again on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday didn't do much exercise - just a bit of walking. Weight loss 5lbs.