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18 July 2005 @ 10:15 pm
July 18th CHALLENGE!  
Ladies, great job on last weeks challenge, I can tell a lot of my lj weightloss friends are coming back with a vengeance with their motivation and desire to succeed at their weightloss efforts. However, we all know that THOSE days come and hit us smack out of nowhere. I call them my DOUBLE "D" DAYS. Which means "depressed" and "dowdy". I know I'm going to have these days no matter what, but it's good to have a plan to forsee and deal with these days and turn them into days that we can at least accomplish SOMETHING that is relatively close to our goals.

For the challenge, post your plan. What are your excuses? What are your answers to your excuses? Look at your past patterns, plan ahead to address any negative influences getting in your way. For example, if I'm having one of those days, I will at least jump in the shower, write what's bothering me in a journal, take baby steps and if I can't force myself to workout, I will at least go for a mindful walk. Some activity that will get me moving because that usually boosts my mood.

For the second part of this challenge, try increasing the intensity of at least 2 of your workouts this week. Shoot for that intensity level of 10 at the end of your workout. Perform your cardio for at least 10 more minutes, increase your weights or reps...you can choose how to boost your workout intensity.

Last but not least, don't forget to comment to accept the challenge! Ladies, you rawk! Continue your wonderful progress!
Current Mood: accomplished