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11 August 2005 @ 02:33 am

This community has been closed

I made the decision to close the community because challenge posters aren't posting their challenges without reminders and there are only a handful of people who are actually posting. I don't have the time nor the inclination to babysit and remind people when it is their turn to post. For those who participated faithfully, I thank you. Perhaps in the future, I will reopen the community when I have more time to devote to it.
02 August 2005 @ 10:14 pm
I'm late with this, but hopefully it will still count!

The beginning of this year, I was pretty stressed with work and school. I tried to fit in exercise here or there, but it eventually disappeared in February. I had no specific plan at the time, which is probably why I didn't commit. However, compared to now, I have a fabulous program and motivation in line. The BFL (Body for Life) Challenge. I started on July 11, 2005 and my 12 week finish date is the end of September. Just in time for my birthday! I hope to break the plateau of initial losing 20 lbs. and finally reach my goal weight. I will continue with another 12 week challenge after that if I still need to remove more weight. Then I will go into a weight-maintenance or "treading" weight type routine (not as intense).

Currently, I work out 5-6 times a week, alternating with 30 min. of cardio, lower body and upper body weight training on all different days. I have one REST day per week. I also eat balanced meals with proteins and SMART carbs. I have eliminated all junk carbs from my diet. I'm also watching my portions. I try and eat 6 times a day so my body never goes into starvation mode. I exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast in order to burn off stored fat instead of breakfast carbs. Then about an hour after my workout, I eat breakfast, in order to continue the fat burning process. I also set personal goals to accomplish in conjunction with this challenge. Getting unpacked and finding a job. I've already lost a couple pounds and gained a couple with muscle mass. My legs, arms and stomach are firmer after 4 weeks on this program. My size 10's are feeling loose!

I worked out last week 5 times, I believe, even through the dreaded time of the month. I also took walks and tried to stay active when I wanted to crawl back in bed.

Hope this qualifies for last weeks challenge...now where's this weeks? :P
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31 July 2005 @ 09:15 pm
My fitness program at the beginning of the year was awful--it was nothing! I had just started teacher assisting and was VERY busy. There weren't enough hours in the day to do everything I needed to do (I'm a mom of 3 also) and still exercise, so I really slacked. It isn't much better now, although I am trying to get back into a routine. I've found it is harder than ever for me to maintain a good fitness AND eating regime....so I may just work on the fitness first and once I have that down, work on the nutrition part.

I didn't exercise this past week at all unfortunately because my body was being really nutty and I had some female issues. I didn't want to hurt myself or do more damage so I didn't exercise. I am going to bust my arse and get back into a fitness routine before I start student teaching at the end of August.

How'd everybody else do? :)
25 July 2005 @ 08:37 pm
This is in response to the first part of this week's challenge. My current fitness "program" looks like this:

Mondays--Spinning class (at 5:45 in the morning)
Tuesdays--Cardio Kickboxing class
Thursdays--Brisk 50-minute walk w/ my son & stroller around the neighborhood
Saturdays--2-3 mile run on the treadmill

As you can see, I'm really into the group fitness classes. The community center is great!!! I like the instructors, and I like the child care providers, too. I was doing a strength training class twice a week, but I've opted to do the cardio kickboxing one of those days, and my brisk walk is the other day because of time and scheduling (we go to Rob's work for lunch). I'll probably be keeping this schedule through the end of August. Come September, the class schedule is going to change, and so will my workout schedule.

Hope everyone is having a great week....even if it is only Monday! :)
25 July 2005 @ 11:20 am
Ooops, sorry I'm late! *blushes* I thought I was next week.

Anyway, on with this week's challenge.

  • Describe your fitness plan today (as in, the last 2-3 weeks) compared to the beginning of this year. Has it improved? Has it fallen by the wayside? Also describe what you'd like to work on for the rest of the summer.

  • Get moving--let's exercise four times this week. Mix it up with cardio and weight training. Go at YOUR pace but make the effort to get the exercise in this week. If you want to do all cardio or all weights, that's okay too. Let's just move those beautiful bodies and get sweatin (which shouldn't be difficult since in most places it is well over 90 degrees every day!)

  • Journal! Post in the community to describe your fitness plan and post again at the end of the week to update us on your progress.

  • Good luck everyone!

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    23 July 2005 @ 08:51 pm
    Back up DOUBLE D PLAN!Collapse )

    Intensity bumped up this week by doing supersets (during weight training) and also increasing my weight this week. :)
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    19 July 2005 @ 09:41 pm
    Good evening ladies!

    This is Wendy (lj user="wjhansen">....I just wanted to let you all know that I've created a new journal, specifically for my fitness and weightloss efforts. I will be removing my other journal from this community, and will use this one instead!

    Is anyone here into making icons and such (I'm not very good at it, and don't really know how to do it). I could really use three icons--1) a bikini body (preferably without a face); 2) a spin bike (someone spinning or a class of spinners); and 3) something with healthy/nutritious foods. I would also like a fitness-related friends only banner. If anyone could help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I hope everyone is having a good week so far! :)
    19 July 2005 @ 05:12 pm
    Thought I'd join as well, because I really need some support. I have been out of shape in the last 8 months - study, moving, but most of all laziness. I am 32, 5'9, current weight is 181 lb. I have been doing juice fasting for 4 years now having acquired my 30-days programme from the Fasting Centre in the US. It seems the only diet that works for me, at least it gives me that necessary kick to get back in shape. Anywho, I started my 30 days' programme yesterday and my goal is 165 lb by 17 August. About my excercise - until now I did wind-surfing, water skiing, power walking (but not regularly) and salsa dancing once a week. From this week I plan to make my power walking more regular and to add to all of the above excercises with dumbbells/latina dancing/tai-bo in the morning, tennis once a week and cycling. Uph! Hope to become a regular member of this community as well. Good luck to all of you.
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    18 July 2005 @ 10:15 pm
    Ladies, great job on last weeks challenge, I can tell a lot of my lj weightloss friends are coming back with a vengeance with their motivation and desire to succeed at their weightloss efforts. However, we all know that THOSE days come and hit us smack out of nowhere. I call them my DOUBLE "D" DAYS. Which means "depressed" and "dowdy". I know I'm going to have these days no matter what, but it's good to have a plan to forsee and deal with these days and turn them into days that we can at least accomplish SOMETHING that is relatively close to our goals.

    For the challenge, post your plan. What are your excuses? What are your answers to your excuses? Look at your past patterns, plan ahead to address any negative influences getting in your way. For example, if I'm having one of those days, I will at least jump in the shower, write what's bothering me in a journal, take baby steps and if I can't force myself to workout, I will at least go for a mindful walk. Some activity that will get me moving because that usually boosts my mood.

    For the second part of this challenge, try increasing the intensity of at least 2 of your workouts this week. Shoot for that intensity level of 10 at the end of your workout. Perform your cardio for at least 10 more minutes, increase your weights or reps...you can choose how to boost your workout intensity.

    Last but not least, don't forget to comment to accept the challenge! Ladies, you rawk! Continue your wonderful progress!
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    18 July 2005 @ 10:09 pm
    Response to last weeks challenge.

    Well, I didn't manage to workout outside due to the remnants of Hurricane Dennis. But, I DID WORK OUT! Yipee! I did 3 cardio workouts and 2 workouts of lower and upper body weight training (all 30-45 min.)

    As far as food this week, I've been doing the Eating-for-Life program which incorporates SMART carbs and SMART proteins and proper combination into my diet. For example,

    1 egg over hard (cooked in veg spray)
    1/2 grapefruit
    1 ww toast w/1 tblsp. sugar free grape jelly

    1 can of chicken
    2 tblsp. lite mayo/lite sour cream
    1 stalk celery
    Handful of baby greens
    1 slice of swiss cheese
    Wrapped in ww tortilla

    Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of complete protein. :)
    I just need to work on getting more fish into my diet (and more veggies).
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